Thursday, February 23, 2012

DeBate DeBriefing

DeBate DeBriefing

Moderator John King to Ron Paul:  You have a new television ad that calls Rick Santorum a fake.  Why?

Ron Paul:  [Chuckles] Because [pause for effect] he’s a fake.

Rick Santorum:  [Plucking at the skin on his wrist] I’m real . . . I’m real . . .

Ron Paul:  [Deadpan] Congratulations.

To me, the above Pinteresque exchange was the high point of the Republican Debate held last night.  Overall, it was rather dull.  Perhaps my struggles to extract entertainment value had to do with the fact that it was the 20th such debate this campaign season, and I’ve watched most of them.  When the candidates remember to discuss something resembling a substantive issue, they repeat vague and predictable talking points.  Their crochets and weirdnesses are now depressingly familiar.  Even Newt Gingrich was subdued, except when he accused President Obama of infanticide.

Or perhaps my struggles stemmed from attempts to play traditional chug-a-lug (see previous post) by myself.  ‘Birth Control’ (8) won over ‘Jobs’ (6), which meant more Evan Williams than Pabst Blue Ribbon was consumed.  (I’d decided to consult my Wisconsin roots for how I’d play – since beer and shots work well together, those would be my drinks – I picked two magic words that I thought would be used enough to provide me with a pleasant buzz, assigned each to a beverage, and settled in to watch.  Just so you know, I sipped rather than chugged.  But still . . .)

In any event, I’m glad this may have been the last primary debate.  I’m ready for more results (as in actual voters weighing in) and for the fast-approaching couch-potato-fest that is March Madness.  Hooray for bracketology.  Hooray for Dickie V.  Go Duke!  (I’d add:  Go Wolfpack, but as usual, NC State’s prospects for the tournament are quickly diminishing.)


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