Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DeBate DeBar DeBets

Tomorrow, there’s another Republican Primary Debate (CNN, 8:00 EST) – cause for celebration for the political-junkie masochists among us.  To stoke festive anticipation, here are ideas for drinking games/bar bets that can elevate watching the debate (with friends or even alone) to a new level of merriment.

#1:  Traditional Secret Word Chug-a-Lug:
            In homage to Groucho Marx and his descending duck, stipulate a magic word or two (or three – always a good tie-breaking number) that, when mentioned by a Republican debater, triggers a sip/gulp/total downing of the designated beverage (you set the house rules). 
              --On-the-floor-by-the-first-ad version:  set the magic words as ‘Conservative,’ ‘America,’ and/or ‘Reagan.’ 
            --Something-resembling-issues version:  set the magic words as ‘Jobs,’ ‘Deficit,’ and/or ‘Greatness’ (all of which might put you on the floor even before the first ad).
            --Really? -- Rick-Santorum?  version:  set the magic words as ‘Contraception,’ ‘Home Schooling,’ and ‘Transvaginal Ultrasound.’

#2:  Bar-Bet Bingo:
            It’s fun to drink; it’s even more fun to drink and have hopes of winning money.  Here’s a variation of the Traditional Chug-a-Lug (see above).
                        --Pick one or more of the above categories.
                        --Select three drinks that fit your viewing audience’s preferences.
                        --Assign each drink to a magic word.
                        --Put drink bottles (with appropriate glasses) on your coffee table.
                        --Bet on which bottle will be the most empty at the end of the debate                                     (or perhaps more accurately, on which bottle will be emptied first).
                        --Watch and guzzle.
                        --Determine the winner (Hah!  Good luck with this step).
            [Very Complicated Version:  Actually make this into a bingo game, with buzz-words counting as numbers.  I can’t imagine who would want to do this, unless you were having a huge debate party and had more time than Methuselah.]

If you participate in this experiment in democracy, let me know how it came out by leaving a comment (if you can figure out how to do so, and if so – please let me know) or shooting me an email.  

[Timing is Everything:
            Being personhoodly-new to blogging, I don’t know how often one is expected to write something fresh  . . . or how (or if) one is supposed to notify friends and readers that there’s a new post.  I’d really welcome suggestions!  For the time being, I will add to the blog at least once a week, and sometimes more frequently.]


  1. I'm not watching ANY more debates with you, Deb. Too tempting! On the floor by the first ad, indeed, as Omar would say.

    1. I miss Omar . . . how useful he could be in at least scaring some politicians into staying out of bedrooms and bodies.